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The CPC Weather Hazards Web Service consist of Forecasted US Weather Hazard Outlooks for 3-14 days. The Day 3-7 United States Hazards Outlook product depicts possible impending weather-related hazards during the medium range period. The hazard areas are based off of products issued from the Weather Prediction Center(WPC), the Storm Prediction Center (SPC), the Climate Prediction Center(CPC), along with medium range numerical model guidance. The intended audience forth is product includes emergency managers, weather forecasters, planners and managers in the public and private sectors, as well as the general public. The Hazards Outlook was originally a Climate Prediction Center product, but WPC assumed responsibility for the product beginning in early 2019. CPC still issue the hazards chart for the 8 to 14 day period (at:

The forecast graphic is accompanied by a narrative discussion, which describes the meteorological features that are associated with the depicted hazards. The graphic and discussion are issued once per day and are available by 3:30pm EST/4:30pm EDT Monday through Friday only. At the current time, this product is not issued on the weekends so please note that the information on the web page over the weekend may be out of date.

Hazard Criteria Chart



Heavy Rain

WPC Medium Range Marginal/Slight Risk Excessive Rainfall Outlook (ERO Days 4-5, hazards days 3-4).

Internal experimental Marginal/Slight Risk Excessive Rainfall Outlook first guess (EXP Days 6-8, hazards days 5-7).

Alaska: Variable thresholds based on season, geographic region, and duration

Heavy Snow

40% probability of Moderate snow-related Impacts based on WPC’s Experimental Probabilistic Winter Storm Severity Index

Alaska: Variable thresholds based on season, geographic region, and duration

Heavy Precipitation

Used when both heavy rain and snow criteria are met, or when there is precipitation type uncertainty but either type would meet the criteria if it were to occur. Often used for West Coast Atmospheric River events.

Freezing Rain

40% probability of moderate ice-related impacts based on WPC’s Experimental Probabilistic Winter Storm Severity Index

Hazardous Heat

40% probability of exceeding widespread NWS Heat Advisory criteria

Alaska: High temperature thresholds ranging between 70-90 degrees during the Summer months

Hazardous Cold

40% probability of exceeding widespread upcoming NWS Cold Weather Advisory criteria

Rapid Onset Drought

(1) Abnormal dryness(D0)in the current U.S.DroughtMonitor
(2) Soil moisture below the 30th percentile
(3) 7-day positive temperature anomalies from the NDFD,
   especially if a period of extreme heat is possible
(4) No precipitation forecast or negative precipitation
    anomalies from the WPC
(5) Warm and/or dry conditions favored in the
    Week 2 Outlook


40% probability of low temperatures < 36 (frost) or < 32 (freeze) during transition seasons

High Winds

40% probability of gusts greater than 55 mph (48 knots)

Alaska: Variable thresholds between 40 - 55 knots based on geographic region

Significant Waves

Greater than 20 foot waves along coast or nearby waters

Severe Thunderstorms

Based on Storm Prediction Center medium range severe weather outlooks of 15% or greater


Areas at or above D2 on the U.S. Drought Monitor

Flooding likely, possible, or occurring

WPC Flood Outlook

Critical Wildfire Risk

SPC medium range fire weather outlooks

Update Frequency: Monthly - 3 PM last day of Month and Seasonal - Third Thursday of Month 8:30 Eastern

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Questions/Concerns about the service, please contact the DISS GIS team.

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